The Story of the Broken Suitcase

After a somewhat challenging day that really drained my energy deposits, it’s nice to come home and find that the world does not entirely hate me!

On my way here, my suitcase got a bit manhandled and the front pocket was almost ripped off entirely.


With no energy to face Italian bagage claim, I decided I would try to find a way to handle the situation when I got settled in the apartment I’m living in.

Turned out my airline had an online service for these things, even if you hadn’t manage to file a damaged bagage report in the airport. I eagerly fill out the form, and search for all the information on my specific suitcase that I can online, which is required. They also need a date and time for them to pick up the damaged suitcase and of course I enter a time which is convenient for me.

Shortly after, I receive a confirmation email and I think all is good. However, they do not come to pick it up. Not really knowing what to do, I decide to wait a bit. See what happens. And later I receive a new email to yet again fill out a form, this time though I have to attach pictures of the broken suitcase, of my boarding pass, bagage tag and the broken luggage report (which I did not have), as well as all the information I had already entered in the previous form. I do all of this, including a picture of the label that said ‘heavy’, since I’d managed to stuff 22 kg in it. Hoping for the best I send it off into the void that is the Internet. Not knowing what would happen next.

But then today something finally happened! My flatmate told me a package had come for me, and I was happy since I thought it was the one my mom told me she’d send. However, I was surprised to come home, to find a very big brown box in my room with the words WAGNER across it – an associated company to the airline I used. And then I knew it. I had received a new suitcase even though they’d said they would come for the old, try to repair it, and if unrepairable, replace with a new one.


So here is my brand new suitcase! Even though it’ll be a while before I have to use it, I am very happy.


Thank you Airberlin and Wagner!


One thought on “The Story of the Broken Suitcase

  1. Ciao Mia,
    sono un giornalista che collabora con la tv italiana La7. Vorrei farti una intervista sulla tua esperienza di blogger a Napoli. Posso avere la tua email? grazie
    Nello Mazzone – giornalista


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