A rare rainy day…

Coming from Denmark, I am used to cold summers with a lot of rainy, windy days. There the hot summer days are quite rare, although we have the occasional hot summer days or even a whole week with sun and warm enough to go to the beach, barbecue, etc.

However, in Campi Flegrei I have had to endure a lot of heat, which has not been easy for me, as I actually quite enjoy rain and am most comfortable at a temperature between 20-25°C. So being in an environment where the temperature has been ranging between 30-40°C has been a real challenge.

Lately though, the weather has been changing. Suddenly massive gusts of wind would hit us, bringing also a little rain and a lot of thunder.

Today is more quiet. Some thunder with a nice drizzle of rain. And I love it. I can feel the rain and the lower temperature recharge my batteries. Meanwhile, it is not so good for business if you’re running a beach resort.

(On a normal day)

Lido Giardino path

For my work while I am here, I have been assigned an office at the beautiful Lido Giardino Beach Resort & Spa. Usually heaps of people come during the day. Some are renting a cabin, while others are just drop-ins. The facilities here includes access to a private beach, pool, natural thermal baths and even a sauna, heated from natural water springs.



Usually I am drained with sweat by the time I get to the office in the morning, but today the rain is the responsible one. I gladly went outside today to get to the bus, and the 10 minute walk from the train to work was amazing for a rain-loving alien as myself. I don’t mind getting a little soaked – it’ll dry.

(While waiting for the bus, before I got completely soaked)


But maybe not the most optimal weather for going for a swim – which meant that when I arrived at work I found several of the staff – including the life guards from the beach – inside the office building enjoying some baked goods! What a clever choice! And I haven’t had to turn on the A/C.


It’s going to be a beautiful day!


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