In Pozzuoli they have a very old tradition of making a game/contest called pennone.

The basics of it it that you have to walk on a 13 metre long pole, covered in soap to catch a flag at the end, meanwhile the pole is tilting upwards and hovering over the water.

This is celebrated on the national holiday ferragosto on the 15th of August and if you want to know more of this tradition, you should have a look at this blog!

I was of course there to see at and toom some pictures!

Boats and spectators line up to watch this at least 100 year old tradition:

pennone  pennone  pennone

The pole is 13 metres long and has three flags that need to be taken, before the game is over. The one who gets the first flags earns 3rd place, the second gets 2nd place and the final gets 1st place!

pennone pennone

It’s not particularly easy to do this because of a thick layer of soap on the pole, but each time a person has taken his turn, he takes a bit of the soap down with him and they then throw sand at the pole.



pennonepennone pennonepennone  pennone

The second flag is being caught!


In the end all the participants jump in the water in celebration!


After the games, they have a procession where the Madonna statue from a little church close by is carried through the city on the shoulders of strong men.

procession at ferragosto

If you’re ever in the area around ferragosto, I will definitely recommend you take part in this celebration, which brings together the entire city!


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