The links I click on

Today I realised how wide my interests spread, when I’m just browsing the internet. Scrolling down my Facebook wall this morning, I found myself clicking on 3 very different links, that I will now share with you. They are pretty good representatives of what I usually will find interesting.

First one was from The Local Italy. I like this site, because it gives me news about Italy in English, some of more serious character and some less. Today the headline was Billionaire bids to buy Italian refugee island. Basically there is a very wealthy Egyptian man who wants to buy an island off Greece or Italy, make temporary shelters for refugees and employ them to start build housing, schools, hospitals and universities. The refugee “challenge” is something on most people’s lips these days, and personally it warms my heart to see someone who has enormous amounts of resources and are willing to use them for this kind of purpose. Some people say that it’s better to help the refugees in their own countries, some say it’s better to welcome them in our countries. Which of these sides I belong to, I am not sure, but for now I’m on this guy’s side! (Some people might say, that it’s an easy way for me to not have to do something myself, and just leave it to others. I don’t care, because for now I don’t see myself in a position where I can do more, until I get back to Denmark)

The second headline I clicked on was from another blogger called Helse Mathilde – Danish girl who blogs about her lifestyle which is characterised by workouts, healthy food, and sometimes clothes. Usually which clothes she wears when she is working out, but today it was about what she wears when she is not at the gym! There is nothing “important” in this link, except that I like her blog, and I am a girl who also likes clothes!

Third link was of course something with cats! More precisely the saddest cat in the world. I am a sucker for animal stories which features a lot of photos. I am an animal lover! And this cat is so cute, I cannot believe it! I want a little kitty.. Well, maybe when I get back in Denmark.

Sorry for all the not-so-important content that has absolutely no relevance to my stay here in Italy. Just wanted share some of my internet interests; kindness towards humanity, clothes and cats…


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