The final week..

Today is the first day of my final week in Campi Flegrei.

Monday next week, I am taking the train to Rome, where I will spend a few days sightseeing before taking a flight back to Copenhagen, Denmark. I cannot wait!

There are no words to describe the many amazing experiences I’ve had the past 3 months, but there are even less words to describe how much I look forward to going back home.

I was very reluctant before deciding going here. I know many very brave people who decides to go to another country to live, study, work, etc. But I’ve also always felt that my place was in Denmark. Especially since I met my current boyfriend, who I truly believe is the one for me. And this feeling has definitely been confirmed. I’ve loved Italy since my first visit 9 years ago, and I still do. But it’s been one of the biggest challenges of my life. The three longest months of my life. And three months I will never forget! But I also know it’s time to go home.

I’ve been longing to go home for a while, especially since my family and my boyfriend came to visit me. I became kind of depressed after that, because I realised how much I missed them and how much I missed Denmark.

I am now trying to get the most out of the last of my stay, catch up on some sightseeing and spend some time with the friends I’ve made here.

And I will try to get some of my last thoughts out on the blog.


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