The toilet rating system

Many things have been different for me in Naples and Campi Flegrei, than what I am used to in Denmark.

One thing I always focus on when I go to a café a restaurant, is the state of the restroom. I think it says a lot about the place and their considerations for the customers’ experience. For me there is nothing worse than a yucky toilet! And let’s be honest – this is not something they give a lot of thought about here!

How I rate a toilet at a restaurant has definitely changed and my standards have been lowered a lot! Aesthetics are no longer very important, if important at all!

So my 3 months here (actually had my 3-month anniversary with Naples two days ago <3) have led me to a 4-point system on which I rate the toilets, depending on whether they have the following:

  • A lock on the door
  • Water and soap
  • Toilet paper
  • A toilet seat

In my opinion these are the the toilet essentials you need. Unfortunately many does not have one, more or any of them. I look forward to lux toilet experiences, when I get back to Denmark (in 5 days!)


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