The aliens are coming – watch out Campi Flegrei!

In only four days, I will be on my way to go back to Italy, to Campi Flegrei. About six months ago I left, after having spent 3 months as an intern in connection to my education in International Hospitality Management. It was 3 months which greatly affected my life. It was a huge challenge and an amazing experience. Although, by the end of my … Continue reading The aliens are coming – watch out Campi Flegrei!

Culture shock

It’s been almost two months since I left Italy and Campi Flegrei, and during this time I have not been active on this blog. Some might think it is because the purpose of the blog was to document my stay down there, and therefore lost its purpose as soon as I left. But the truth is that I didn’t feel like writing. I think one … Continue reading Culture shock

All I wanted to do was bake a cake…

It’s Saturday. I don’t have any plans. I am home alone. Why not bake a cake, I thought? It could be fun, I thought. How wrong I was.. I start out by going to the supermarket to get the stuff I need for this pie-like cake, with an egg-white-and-nuts bottom, then a yoghurt cream, fresh fruit on top and chocolate sprinkled over the whole thing. … Continue reading All I wanted to do was bake a cake…


You’ve probably never heard about Malazè unless you are from Campi Flegrei. Even then you might not have. But this is the main reason for why I have come here. Malazè is a EnoGastronomic festival with 10 days of events in the area of Campi Flegrei within four main themes; Myths and history, Nature, Flavours and Archaeology. All these events showcase the area with a … Continue reading Malazè

The links I click on

Today I realised how wide my interests spread, when I’m just browsing the internet. Scrolling down my Facebook wall this morning, I found myself clicking on 3 very different links, that I will now share with you. They are pretty good representatives of what I usually will find interesting. First one was from The Local Italy. I like this site, because it gives me news about … Continue reading The links I click on


Italy is an amazing place to be. Definitely. But it’s not all beaches, and islands and wonderful food. I like to think I have a lot of good friends back in Denmark. And I hope they would describe me as open-minded, outgoing, friendly and sociable. That’s what I thrive to be. I love being around other people and making new friends. Well, going to a … Continue reading Isolation