Italy is an amazing place to be. Definitely. But it’s not all beaches, and islands and wonderful food.

I like to think I have a lot of good friends back in Denmark. And I hope they would describe me as open-minded, outgoing, friendly and sociable. That’s what I thrive to be. I love being around other people and making new friends. Well, going to a new country should be the perfect place to do that, right? Yes and no.

I’ve been in Campi Flegrei in almost 2 months now, and I’ve managed to make some friends. But maybe not as many as I would like. I am the kind of person who needs to be around other people. All the time. Which was easy back in Denmark. Lots of friends, a great boyfriend who I live with. I always had other people around me. But here, no.

I miss my home a lot these days. I feel very isolated here, and out of control (difficult since I am also a control-freak). The first place I lived, was with wonderful people who I could have a lot of fun with. But it was too far away from my work, and the daily transport really was destroying my energy. So, I moved. To a place closer to my work, however not really close enough to walk, and again with limited public transportation possibilities. I’ll just get a bicycle I thought. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. It seems like everyone has a bike. In the garage. Broken. Child-size. I’m depending on people with a car (which luckily 2 of my groups of friends here have). But if I want to go somewhere by myself, I cannot.

If only my work would keep me busy enough to not think about these things. But it hasn’t been as easy to get into that either. That’s material for another post.

Isolation like this is difficult, when you’re used to being surrounded by people and always knowing what’s going on around you. Here I am in a very different culture. Practically everything is different here, and it’s difficult to get used to. Very difficult. I must admit, that when I come back I will have a lot more insight to and understanding of what my international friends in Denmark is going through. And it will make me even more eager to do whatever I can to help them. So yay for that I guess!

I just have to do whatever I can to enjoy my stay and get as many experiences as possible. And look forward to when my family and my boyfriend comes to visit me. Which will be soon. I will bite down my pain and enjoy the beauty of this place.

cave capo misenoagnanum


4 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. Hi Mia, I’ve been following your blog since you started . But let me introduce myself, my name is Michele, I’m from Napoli ( I don’t like to call her Naples ) and I live in the USA, Florida to be precise.In a way I loved more your latest post for a couple of reasons, at least.I, too, love when a foreigner speaks about the beauty of my hometown, when good things about it are enfasized and bad ones treated like funny accidents ; but many times , and I don’t mean you, they end up making a joke out of a culture they cannot understand.As you probably noticed your first post was abundant with comments, many thanking you for the nice words about Napoli and her surroundings ( by now you are probably thinking I should stop referring, improperly, with a “her” when talking about Napoli, and even knowing it’s a grammar error I can’t help using her for the love I have toward her ) . Anyway these are the comments of people who doesn’t want to see the many bad, ugly, uncivilized things that also belong to my loved city.Just yesterday a friend of mine posted something on FB ( he is a bicycle fanatic ) espressing his disappointment for not being able to ride his bike after a month in which the half deserted Napoli allowed to do so.If a long time citizen of this town was so frustrated I can only imagine your frustration as a person used to ride without praying not to be killed in the act every time going somewhere.The isolation you talk about it has been my companion for a long time now, way too long, and that’s why I can relate with your actual feelings.But, nevertheless, I love the way you’re trying to approach this new stage carcterized by the lack of family and friends ; as hard as it can be to be alone in an unknown place you’re stil willing to make the most out of it, and I think it’s a very intelligent way to face the situation, even if it’s not easy at all.I probably let my thoughts go too far and my writing too.I only wanted you to know that unlike the place I live in I can ensure you that at the very least, the beauty of Napoli can still help you to get through tough times, and I sincerely hope your isolation will last the shortest possible time.Thank you for this blog, looking forward to read more.Ciao .

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  2. You can definitely feel such a huge difference, because I noticed that in DK even for a few days as a tourist. I can understand that sometimes it can be tough…


    “I’ll just get a bicycle I thought. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.”

    It’s not that it’s just “not easy”, but unfortunately it’s that “bicycle” is a totally unknown word from Rome (included) southwards. Forget about it, it’s dangerous, people don’t care, people don’t need it, let alone by means of daily commuting.
    At least I can shout at the umpteenth idiot who overtakes me at full speed with his car or moped using dialect, but you don’t really wanna try that. 🙂


  3. Hi! In the Flegrean lands “Cumana” is the only one guaranteed transport! Anyway I feel like u everytime i wanna to do something on my own,here there is only car culture (especially for the nights) and yes, I have a bycicle ahah – but Naples is not Denmark, here streets are difficult to cross them because of much car traffic or (and) land is not flat at all


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