All I wanted to do was bake a cake…

It’s Saturday. I don’t have any plans. I am home alone. Why not bake a cake, I thought? It could be fun, I thought. How wrong I was..

I start out by going to the supermarket to get the stuff I need for this pie-like cake, with an egg-white-and-nuts bottom, then a yoghurt cream, fresh fruit on top and chocolate sprinkled over the whole thing. Buying the things was an uneventful part, but then came all the “fun”.

From now on, everything went almost completely wrong..

I start by almost burning the nuts. Then I realize I am missing sugar. Only have this cane sugar – it’ll do I think, and it’s alright. While I was searching for it in the cupboard, this bag of some kind of grains spill all over the place though. Not big grains, these really tiny ones! When I’m mixing my egg-whites with my sugar, it kinda flies everywhere, because I don’t have a good bowl for it. Mixing the sugar-egg-white mixture with the ground nuts goes fine – don’t know how that could be messed up. I know I am missing sugar for my cream (since I used all the cane sugar for the bottom), but I am also missing baking sheets. Whatever, I think, I go to the supermarket again, by sugar, more cane sugar and the baking sheets (which I couldn’t find on my own…). When I get back, I realize I actually don’t know how their oven works. 2 panels you can turn, but with no markings, and nothing happens when I turn on them. What the f*** am I going to do then? I cannot bake, without an oven. So pretty much everything has almost gone completely wrong, but I’ve managed to fix it. But what about the missing oven?

I take a long shot and decide to try to bake the bottom in a pan, with baking sheet, at low heat and a lid. Well, that messed it completely up. I burn it completely, no saving it. All my above efforts have been wasted. Let’s just say, it doesn’t put me in the best mood.

But as the positive human being I am (those who knows me, knows this is not true) I instead make a fruit salad, with the yoghurt cream on top and chocolate! So basically everything from the cake, except the actual cake..

Not exactly what I wanted, but it worked I guess. Though the nutty bottom is what I love most about this cake.

Here is the result


It was delicious, I admit it. But all I wanted to do was bake a cake…


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