10 things I’ve observed during my first week in Campi Flegrei

So, in case any of my methodology teachers ever stumble upon this blog, I want to highlight that these observations are completely unscientific! It is merely my narrow perception of things, and have I seen something once, I believe it is always like this!

Here comes the list!

1. Apparently I am an Alien

This I base on the numerous stares I receive daily. Walking on the street, waiting for the bus, on the train, basically everywhere!

2. English is the language of the Aliens

And it is not considered necessary to learn

3. You drink your caffè in the bar

An espresso that is! And if you take it in more than 2 sips, you’re most likely an Alien.

4. You should drink your caffè with enormous amounts of sugar

I must admit – it’s addictive!

5. Italians go to the beach before 9 am

Taking the train to work along the coast, I see an abundance of people who are already sunbathing and swimming. And me? I’m just on my way to work..

6. Italians come in every size and shapes

Which can be seen on the beaches where every women wears a bikini to show off her bootyliciousness – and I love it!

7. Your bikini should cover as little as possible

Especially in the butt-area. No more need for searching for that bikini-bottom-piece that can contain my large behind – all I need is a thong to blend in! Although I might still be too pale, to blend in with anything else but the sand..

8. The buses go whenever they feel like it

This goes for the trains as well. No point in trying to find a schedule or a system for it. Just go to the bus/train stop and wait.

9. Dinner is eaten around 10 pm

Around 8-9 pm you start to get ready to go out to grab a bite. It is only Aliens who eat before 10 pm. And you always dress up more or less.

10. The people are the friendliest, kindest and most hospitable I have met

Everyone goes out of their way to help you or accommodate your needs – even if you are an Alien! I love them ❤


29 thoughts on “10 things I’ve observed during my first week in Campi Flegrei

  1. A little background on why you are there for your readers would enhance the story. I like the general tone. You could make a good writer some day in the future.


    1. Thank you for the feedback 🙂 I will suggest that you look at my first post or my About page. I had hoped that would be sufficient, but maybe I should elaborate a bit.


    2. I agree with all the point less the 9th…less or more. So, it’s normal to eat dinner at 10pm as well as 8pm. I think it’s strange that there is NOT a dinner time 🙂
      Good luck aliena!
      P.s. We show our butty ass, but we usually shame of it :p


  2. Tutto quello che dici e vero. Ma per favore. Quando parli di noi chiamaci. Napoletani …..no. italiani. Sono due cose completamente Diverse .. we are. Neapolitan. Not. Italian


    1. Mi scusi! Lo so. Voi siete Napoletani. Sono stato in molti posti in Italia e i Napoletani sono certamente diversa. I Napoletani sono le persone più belle che ho incontrato 🙂

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  3. Cara Mia è una gioia leggere queste parole scritte da una “straniera” 🙂
    Purtroppo noi napoletani siamo spesso vittime di razzismo e discriminazione, soprattutto da parte del resto dell’Italia che è la nostra stessa nazione e questo, credimi, è una vergogna!
    Il tuo post è certamente motivo di orgoglio per la nostra bella Napoli e per i suoi abitanti. Grazie ☺ 🙂

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  4. Dear Mia,
    Mano thanks for your Feedback.
    I’m a neapolitan and I’m proud that a Danish girl appreciate us for who we are as a people and not for the stereotypes.
    Thanks again for your wonderful message.

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    1. I have wonderful people who helps me communicate whenever the small amount of Italian I know isn’t sufficient 🙂
      Dio mio! The mozzarella! I love it. It’s bellissima!


      1. Try the “treccia di provola” which is smoked and shaped like a braid. Esagerata! I miss it so much, would be great to import it to the UK! And have a pizza at “Angolo del paradiso” in Vomero, they are not famous, but it’s the best pizza I have ever had!

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  5. haahahhaha that’s all true…sometimes I felt even I an alien! i dont go to the sea before the 9 anyway. I think you’ll have to take a walk on the east side so you can see the country life and the mount somma (and, of course, you can eat a lots of good things 🙂 you’ll could come for the “festa delle lucerne” in august! think it over!

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  6. Hi!

    I’m from Sweden though married to a Napolitano😉 I love Napoli and we go there as often as we can. I look forward to read your texts and thoughts of my favourite place😉

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  7. Dear Mia, sorry for my English…
    I allow myself to write this comment because I wish you and all your readers to understand why, in Naples, in Campania and more generally to the south, succeeded those inconveniences that you described in your blog.

    We start from point number 2
    You’re right, for us English is the language of foreigners.
    If I am not mistaken you are Danish, Danish and then talk (as foreign languages) English.
    We are talking about Naples and Neapolitans (language recognized by UNESCO) and (as a foreign language), the Italian …

    Point number 8
    You right again, the buses and trains are not on time, the most reasonable explanation is that the central state does not lavish Italian, as it does for the northern and central Italy, the same funds.
    Why companies mobility of the South will have to make do with what little they have and very often this is not enough …

    For the rest, except for some small misunderstanding, it’s all true.
    We are a proud people, kind, courteous, and although we do not know the people, we put ourselves at the disposal of others to help you …
    If you really are interested in discovering the beauty of the people Napolitano, I ask you, without hesitation, contact me.
    I would be happy to start a correspondence with you.
    I hope your stay is exciting and full of joy

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  8. Hej Mia jeg er dansk /italiensk er datter af en napolitaner .Jeg misunder dig (på den gode måde )at du lige studer i Napoli ,og sikkert kan tale italiensk .Det er det skønneste sted.Jeg har lige været på ferie der nede . Nyd det det må være en kæmpe oplevelse .Mange hilsner fra Lea


  9. Hej Mia 🙂
    I am neapolitan, but I have been living in København for over one year.
    Here I’ve met many people who know Napoli because of “Gomorra”, the mafia or for the pizza… not everyone knows how wonderful it is.
    I am happy to read these kind words, although for me an alien is who has his dinner at 6pm like you do 😀
    I hope you will enjoy the rest of your staying!
    If you will ever need any help or suggestions about what to do and what to see, just write me back 🙂 and please, bring me a Babà when you come back here 😀


  10. Hej Mia,
    I am a neapolitan who lives in København.
    I’ve read trough these words, and I am happy to see that you decided to dedicate an entire blog to your neapolitan experience.
    I am happy to see that you like my city: here many people know it for “Gomorra” or for the pizza, but not everyone know how wonderful it.
    I hope you will enjoy the rest of your staying.
    In case you need any help or any suggestions about what to do and what to see (there is so much to see that 3 months will not be enough), just write me back 🙂
    And please, bring me a babà when you come back here.
    PS: I also feel like an alien here, when I see people having dinner at 6pm 😀


    1. Such a cultural difference, just in what time to eat dinner 🙂 But I just came from my friend’s parents’ place, where we had lunch etc. and for sure I cannot eat any dinner this early :p


  11. I live in Pozzuoli since one year – i come form naples – and i can say only one thing: living here, in campi flegrei, is like living in another world. History, landscapes, the sea, the food… oh the anfiteatro flavio, la piscina mirabilis, la solfatara, il tempio di serapide… every step you made, you can feel hundred of voices spoke in your ears… the voice of vigilio, the voice of the ancients greek people, the voice of the sea…


  12. I’ve always wondered whether eating late (whereas in northern Italy people has lunch and dinner way earlier) is due to the old spanish rule, which lasted for centuries. In fact, people from Valencia and other cities on the southern coast eat even later, a thing which I’ve never seen elsewhere.


  13. Because of light! In south until there’s light in the sky, we prefer to walk, swimm or drink. And then, Here in southern Italy, as elsewhere in the Mediterranean, there’s a lot of stree food during the day to break the hunger


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