The Neapolitan Hospitality 2.0

I’ve wanted to do a post about the Neapolitan hospitality ever since I started this blog, and I should probably have split this into two posts starting with the 1.0 version, but an experience yesterday made me see another, perhaps darker, side of it. I’ll get back to that later. Napolitani Ospitalit√† 1.0 Since I came, I’ve had so many great experiences with the Napolitani. … Continue reading The Neapolitan Hospitality 2.0

10 things about transport in and around Naples

A few more observations, this time specifically about the transport here, which I think is very fascinating! The Napoletani knows how to get around. 1. Everyone has a car Even though considering the amount of traffic blockades, it’s not exactly the easiest way to get around. 2. Scooters own the place! They will slalom their way in and out of cars, meanwhile honking their horn … Continue reading 10 things about transport in and around Naples